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  1. Yes, I did change it but I can certainly put both variations in the blog post. We made it once with vegetable stock and without the half and half and it turned out fabulous. Tasted almost identical to original recipe.

    You can use chicken stock in equal amounts of the veg stock and just add a couple tablesspoons of half and half creamer. It tastes very similar.

  2. Hi Joanne, I was going to make your butternut squash soup today. Did you change some of the ingredients. I thought there was half and half in it or heavy cream? I think you did change it to vegan is that correct? I am planning on using chicken stock since that’s what I used last time. Thanks and happy halloween.

  3. Thank you Loeonora! I am honored! I made this soup yesterday for some friends and they raved about it. We put more ginger in this time and made it Vegan. I was impressed with the taste!

  4. I made this recipe one week and tried a different butternut squash soup recipe the following week. I had a few taste testers and this recipe was everyone’s favorite. It has a velvety creamy texture. It is delicious. I believe roasting the squash first with the rosemary is key to the great success of this recipe. Keep cooking Joanne! Also, I love the name of your website too. Leonora

  5. Yummy soup…easy to make; I added both the chicken stock and half and half which made for more of a broth-like texture; not to worry; just simmer for a while uncovered to reduce to make for more of a creamier texture or add less chicken stock to begin with…

  6. It is such perfect soup weather right now! <3 I love butternut squash soup and this looks amazing! Definitely going to have to make it soon (maybe this weekend 😀 ). It's great that it's so easy to make! :]

    P.S. I love your blog name!


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