Great Seafood Restaurants in Naples, FL

Great Seafood Restaurants in Naples, Fl

When we were looking for great seafood restaurants in Naples, FL, we were reluctant to eat in restaurants in which we didn’t have good recommendations. What if the food is horrible or the service is slow and our toddlers erupt at the table because their patience has expired before the main meal arrives? What if the food is mediocre with a pricey bill? What if they don’t have kids menus and won’t accommodate picky palettes? Oh no! I need to know I’m not wasting our money in restaurants because I’ll walk away unhappy afterward feeling like we squandered money. Of […]

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How to Experience the True Italian Culture!

Venditti Vineyard Italy

Usually when people think of vacation travel to Italy, the great cities of Florence, Rome, Venice, and Naples come to mind. If you have not yet traveled to Italy and wonder how to experience the true Italian culture, it is worth mentioning the areas that are “off the beaten path” of tourists where you can see this beautiful country with locals. In the countryside, valleys and mountains, there is land that has been in families for generations. There are long stories to be told of how it came to be. If you are contemplating your first trip to Italy, I […]

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Naples and Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy

As Italian fashion, brick oven pizza, tiramisu, lates, and culinary tours in Italy have become very popular over recent years, many Americans have an increased great desire to visit the city of Naples and Amalfi Coast Italy in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Can you see yourself sun bathing on the same beaches as Sofia Loren and Rachel Welch sipping ice cold Limoncello? I am the daughter of Italian immigrants so, I’m not only familiar with the Italian culture, I was raised with it. My parents spoke broken English and taught me the language, authentic Italian food and traditions. I always […]

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