The Less Stress Easter Dinner Planner

Easter Dinner

The Easter Bunny is coming soon and although you don’t have a lot of gifts to buy as you do at Christmastime, there still could be a good deal of preparation, especially if you are hosting Easter dinner and/or out-of-town guests. If it is your first time hosting, it can be incredibly stressful. Enjoying the holiday becomes almost impossible if you are not organized and don’t plan ahead. Procrastinating can cause a lot of stress! This detailed Easter Dinner Planner will help you be prepared and less stressed out! The Less Stress Easter Dinner Planner Checklist¬†(click on the link to […]

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The Less Stress Thanksgiving Planner

  Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday in which we give thanks for all of our blessings but, if you are hosting Thanksgiving, it can be more stressful than waiting until Christmas Eve to start Christmas shopping! I am a proponent of planning events early in order to minimize my own stress levels on the holiday. Do you really want to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off (sorry for the gory vision) on Thanksgiving afternoon doing the tasks you could have done weeks ago or, would you rather be sipping on some wine while the turkey […]

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