Easy Bacon and Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Easy Bacon Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Need a tasty, easy to prepare Super Bowl appetizer for your Super Bowl party? These Bacon Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms are easy to make ahead and are sure to be loved by your guests. Easy and tasty are the operative words here! The Super Bowl turns into a late night and you don’t want to spend the whole weekend preparing for it. Aren’t you so tired by Monday morning? I’ve been pondering what appetizers I can make for the Super Bowl that are great tasting and easy to prepare. A lot of people seem to like stuffed mushrooms and bacon […]

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Easy Roasted Red Peppers

Roasted Red Peppers Italian appetizer

Have you ever wondered how to make roasted peppers? It is quite simple and not very time consuming. They taste so much better than most of the jarred peppers. Once you make roasted red peppers from scratch, you may find the jarred peppers disappointing. Roasted red peppers are often put in Antipasto Salads and antipasto appetizers at Italian Pizzerias and restaurants and if they are freshly prepared, they can really be a delicacy. My mom used to make roasted peppers nearly every week for our Sunday dinner. I remember watching her broil the red bell peppers and then remove the […]

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