dsc_8191_colorHi! My name is Joanne and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband and our 5 and 3 yr. old boys. My passion is cooking good quality food and I’ll be honest, I love eating great food even more and so does my family.

I am first generation Italian and food and wine are in my blood. I have a passion for cooking and baking and like to share my creations to help other busy moms provide homemade, great tasting, healthier meals to their families. Why eat high fat, high sodium and poor quality take out when you can make better food at home and for much less cost?

I also like saving money! It allows our family to live a better life because we can do more than if we spent a lot of money on “stuff”. DIY is one of the ways we accomplish this. I like to inspire others how they can do it too.

I met my husband in my last semester of graduate school. Shortly after I completed my M.B.A. we were married and excitedly started our new family. Five years ago, I decided to put my career as an Information Technology professional in the financial services industry on hold so I could be a stay-at-home mom. The transition to motherhood was quite an adventure and roller coaster of emotions- immense joy, sleepless nights, lots of kisses and hugs, times of doubt, adorable faces, lots of screaming! Joining Moms’ groups saved me! I’ll be honest, motherhood is the hardest job I’ve ever had but, nothing compares to the love it brings!

I lost both of my parents before I turned 19 yrs. old and had to grow up fast but, I learned so much in my life experiences. Losing my mother shaped the woman I’ve become today. I firmly believe teaching your kids to be independent of you is one of the most valuable things you can teach them in adolescence.

I’ve skied in Lake Tahoe, wine tasted in Napa and Sonoma and Upstate NY, drove through the desert during an amazing sun rise, ate lobster in New England, saw Vermont during peak fall foliage, experienced Times Square, swayed with palm trees in Florida and visited my family in southern Italy many times. Experiencing the true Italian culture first hand is something worth sharing with others. Italy is absolutely beautiful and has┬ásome of the best food I’ve ever tasted, hands down!

I’ve eaten and sun bathed in a little Greek isle in Greece, learned to ski in Chamonix, France, and hiked some of the mountains (really only one and took the ski lift most of the way) in Switzerland while admiring the beauty and cleanliness of Zurich and visited a little country named Liechtenstein that I had never heard of at the time. All of these wonderful travel experiences have enlightened my senses to people, food and culture. All of which are worth sharing with all of you.

I started this blog so I can work from home and be with my kids as much as possible. I also want to help other moms and would be cooks to learn to cook good tasting meals for their families. Along the way, I hope to share some of my mommy struggles, money-saving tips, DIY home projects, travel and cultural experiences. Sharing mommy struggle stories with other moms has offered much needed support and taught me that all moms can use some help, a glass of wine, and a pat on the back once in a while.

I hope you enjoy and share my posts, recipes, stories, and pictures. ┬áPlease let me know what you’d like to see more often or what I can improve.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll come back soon!


No Plate Like Home